The characteristics of welding wire

- Aug 30, 2017 -


1 The welding of a variety of steel, adaptable to strong adjustment of the composition and proportion of flux is extremely convenient and easy, can provide the required weld chemical composition.

2 The process performance is good, the weld shape uses the gas Slag Union protection, obtains the good forming. The stable arc is added to stabilize the arc and the droplet transition is even.

3 deposition speed, high production efficiency in the same welding current flux cored wire current density, melting speed, the deposition rate is about 85%-90%, the productivity is about 3-5 times higher than the arc welding electrode.

4 The welding current can be used for full position welding.


1 The welding wire manufacturing process is complex

2 welding, wire feeding is more difficult than solid welding wire

3 The appearance of the wire is easy to rust, powder easy to absorb moisture, so the drug-cored wire preservation of a management requirements more stringent

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