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D917 Wear-resistant Electrode Repair Screw Propeller

- Feb 22, 2018-

D917 wear-resistant electrode repair screw propeller

D917 charcoal screw propeller special wear-resistant electrode r of tungsten carbide ** (confidentiality) improved electrodes, the industry 's application unit multi-party experiment, to achieve a certain level of technical standards.

The main components: C ~ Cr ~ Mn ~ Si ~ W ~ Ni ~ V ~ and other hot hardness uniform compatibility. D917 electrode with ≥ high temperature (860), impact resistance, good wear resistance surfacing electrode! HB ≧ 300-400

    Used for; mechanism charcoal factory, screw propeller. High temperature and pressure steel 'alloy equipment. Mining crusher 'hammer' leaves, the factory temperature on the roll. Anti-wear 'impact on the wear parts of the surface. And high temperature pressure wear surfacing! I plant also produces all kinds of special wear-resistant electrode, all kinds of non-ferrous metal electrodes, wire and so on.

D276 / D277 high chrome manganese steel anti-cavitation welding electrode Model: EDCrMn-B-16 / EDCrMn-B-15

Description: High chrome manganese steel corrosion-resistant surfacing electrode, the use of DC reverse, D276 (AC welding no-load voltage of not less than 70V), the weld can be hardened, good toughness, corrosion resistance, with good crack resistance .

Uses: For surfacing welding turbine damage by cavitation of parts, such as hydraulic turbine blades, etc., can also be used for demanding wear resistance and high toughness of manganese steel surfacing, such as railway turnouts, screw conveyors, bulldozers blade , Grab, broken blade and so on.

Deposited metal chemical composition

C≤0.8 Si≤0.8 Mn 11-16 Cr 13-17 Others ≤4

Surfacing hardness HRC: ≥20

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