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Nickel-base Alloy Welding Consumables Selection Principle

- May 12, 2018-

nickel-base alloy welding consumables selection principle:

        (1) Selection of consumables for welding of the same type of nickel material:

        ◇ should use the same welding material as the parent alloy series

        ◇ If there is no requirement for corrosion resistance, welding materials different from the parent alloy system may be used, but the performance of the joint required by the design shall be guaranteed.


        Monel 400: Electrode ENiCu-7; Welding wire ERNiCu-7

        Inconel600: Electrode ENiCrFe-1; Welding wire ERNiCrFe-5

        Incoloy 800H: Electrode ENiCrFe-2; Welding wire ERNiCr-3

        Hastelloy C-276: Electrode ENiCrMo-4; Welding wire ERNiCrMo-4

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