Characteristic E8010 Cellulose Downward Pipe Welding Rod

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Characteristic E8010 Cellulose Downward Pipe Welding Rod

Meets GB E5510-G

Quite AWS E8010-G


Description: E8010 is a high cellulosic sodium downhole electrode. Large arc blowing force, weld gas and slag protection, less slag, easy to remove, beautiful welding wave shape, high welding speed, good mechanical properties of deposited metal, and excellent anti-cavity and anti-crack performance, is the pipeline Site-specific welding rods for welding in all positions in the circumferential seam, using DC reverse connection.


Uses: Used for the filling and cap welding of carbon steel and low-alloy steel pipes of the same strength level, and also suitable for down welding of the same strength structure.

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