ZPMC first lifting heavy plate intelligent welding robot put into use

- Mar 19, 2018 -

ZPMC first lifting heavy plate intelligent welding robot put into use


Recently, ZPMC lifts heavy plate intelligent welding robot in Zhenhua Heavy Industries (600,320) Changxing branch put into use. This robotic workstation is an intelligent welding workstation that is targeted at small pieces of quayside products.

The workstation mainly adopts the international advanced 3D visual camera technology to automatically recognize the information of the weld groove by using the full range of visual positioning and laser vision acquisition and tracking system to independently generate the program and realize multi-layer multi-pass welding independently, Path to achieve a number of bevel lugs components randomly placed on the work platform to complete one-click automatic identification positioning and tracking, and automatic multi-layer multi-channel intelligent continuous welding to achieve a round, oval, round Shape straight edge and all kinds of lugs intelligent production.

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