The mission principle and characteristics of rare welding methods

- Mar 26, 2018 -

The mission principle and characteristics of rare welding methods (1) Manual electrode arc welding: Manual electrode arc welding: Principle of arc welding task: Manual arc welding consists of welding power supply, welding cable, welding clamp, welding rod, weldment, and arc. During welding, the arc extinguishes between the electrode and the weldment. The arc heat causes the workpiece and the electrode to melt at the same time to form a weld pool. The coating of the electrode melts or extinguishes, slag gas occurs, and the weld pool is maintained; when the arc moves forward, the weld pool Cooling condenses and new pools occur from time to time, forming a continuation weld.

Advantages: The equipment is complex, the operation is sensitive, and the compliance is strong.

Advantages Defects: Defects Low consumption efficiency, large rest intensity, high requirements for welders, and quality is not easy to guarantee.

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