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Nickel-based alloy classification and grade

- May 04, 2018-

Nickel-based alloy classification and grade (seven categories):

        ◆ Industrial pure nickel: 99.5% nickel. Such as Ni200, Ni201.

        ◆Ni-Cu alloy:

          Such as: Monel 400 (Monel, Ni66Cu32) and so on.

        ◆Ni-Cr alloy:

         Such as: 0Cr30Ni70

                  Corronel230 (Coro Nickel, Cr35Ni65)

                  Inconel671 (Inconel, Cr50Ni50)

        ◆Ni-Cr-Fe alloy:

         Such as: Inconel600 (Inconel, Cr76Ni15Fe8)

                 Inconel625 (Cr61Ni21Mo9Fe3)

        ◆Ni-Mo alloy:

          Such as: Hastelloy A (Hastrow A, Ni60Mo19Fe20)

                  Hastelloy B (0Ni65Cr28Fe5V)

                 Hastelloy B-2 (00Ni70Mo28)

        ◆Ni-Cr-Mo alloy:

         Such as: Hastelloy C (Ni60Cr16Mo16W4)

                 Hastelloy C-276 (000Ni60Cr16Mo16W4)

                 Hastelloy C-4 (000Ni60Cr16Mo16Ti).

        ◆Ni-Fe-Cr alloy:

          Such as: Incoloy 800 (Inconely, Ni32Fe46Cr21)

                  Incoloy 825 (Ni42Fe30Cr21)

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