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Nickel-based alloy welding features

- May 04, 2018-

Nickel-based alloy welding features:

         Welding of nickel-base alloys has similar problems with austenitic stainless steel welding:

         (1) Welding hot cracks

         (2) Porosity: Compared with low-carbon steel and low-alloy steel, the porosity tends to be larger, especially for unclean grooves and welding wires.

         (3) Corrosion resistance: Most nickel-base corrosion-resistant alloys have little effect on corrosion resistance after welding. However, chromium depletion occurs near the heat-affected zone of some alloys such as Ni-Cr, Ni-Mo, and Ni-Cr-Mo alloys, resulting in intergranular corrosion and stress corrosion degradation in some media.

         (4) Process characteristics: The fluidity of the liquid weld metal is poor; the weld metal has a shallow melting depth.

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