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wire classification and model

- May 06, 2018-

wire classification and model:

         ★ According to GB/T15620-1995 "nickel and nickel alloy wire" provisions:

         ◆Industrial pure nickel welding wire:


         ◆Ni-Cu wire: ERNiCu-7

         ◆Ni-Cr welding wire: ERNiCr-3

         ◆Ni-Cr-Fe wire: ERNiCrFe-5, ERNiCrFe-6

         ◆Ni-Fe-Cr welding wire: ERNiFeCr-1, ERNiFeCr-2

         ◆Ni-Mo welding wire: ERNiMo-1, ERNiMo-2, ERNiMo-3, ERNiMo-7

         ◆Ni-Cr-Mo wire: ERNiCrMo-1 to ERNiCrMo-4, ERNiCrMo-7 to ERNiCrMo-9

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