Professional wear-resistant carbide wear-resistant welding wire

- Feb 07, 2018 -

Professional wear-resistant carbide wear-resistant welding wire

D287 surfacing electrode

Uses: Used for the manufacture of pump and turbine over-current components and surfacing repair, but also for the welding of wheels of the same material.

D307 welding electrode Model: EDD-D-15

Uses: It can be in the carbon steel (such as 45,45 Mn) made of the blank on the tool buildup welding edge in order to achieve the purpose of replacing the overall high-speed steel can also be used for surfacing repair worn tools and other tools.

  D317 welding electrode Model: EDRCrMoWV-A3-15

Uses: Can be used for die welding, can also be used for general cutting tools surfacing.

  D317A surfacing electrode

Uses: used for surfacing resistant to strong impact wear, corrosion and cavitation cavitation occasions, such as blast furnace bell, single tooth Kun, biconcave Kun crusher, screw conveyor blades, exhaust fan blades and high pressure valve sealing surface .

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