With a different metal welding Chongqing University team won a special award

- Feb 13, 2018 -

With a different metal welding Chongqing University team won a special award

Recently, by the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Social Services, Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other co-sponsored sixth Chongqing University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Chongqing Normal University University City Campus held the finals. The majority of the finals for the scientific and technological innovation projects R & D projects. Among them, Chongqing University, a team can achieve the welding of dissimilar metals innovative venture won the Grand Prize.

It is understood that the sixth Chongqing University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition started in November 2017, a total of 5723 teams from 61 colleges and universities enrolled. After the school-level preliminary race, municipal rematch, municipal semi-finals and other sectors, a total of 30 teams to qualify for the finals.

In the finals site, after completing the commercial tasks, the scene defense, project review and other sectors, the final decision to a Grand Prize and a number of second and third prizes. Among them, Chongqing University "Welding Emperor Technology Co., Ltd." team, mainly by the electrical engineering, materials engineering, economic management and other professional master's and undergraduate students. After several years of research and development, the team can achieve different physical properties of dissimilar metals such as copper, iron, aluminum welding between, and consumes little energy, pollution-free environment.

"Because different metals have different melting points, it is difficult to achieve welding between dissimilar metals, but instead of using traditional heating methods, the team uses electromagnetic impulses to weld the two metals." The project leader, A major electrical engineering research student Zhou Yan said that at present the team has a complete set of independent intellectual property rights of the welding equipment program, applied for three national invention patents, the technology is currently being tested on the national grid.

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