Development overview of welding robot: Teruiwo

- Feb 12, 2018 -

Development overview of welding robot: Teruiwo

In recent years, due to the rapid economic development in our country, a large amount of energy demand, energy-related manufacturing industries are also beginning to seek automated welding technology, welding robots gradually emerge.

Compared with artificial welding, welding robots have unparalleled advantages. The operation is simple. Ordinary workers replace high-skilled welders directly, thus saving high labor costs for enterprises. Artificial workers need to rest and welding robots can work continuously. The production efficiency is more than 3 times of manual labor. Can reduce the artificial management cost more. Worker welding work intensity, poor working environment, welding fumes, welding spatter, welding arc and other human body has a great injury, and the welding robot operation is relatively simple, it has a closed independent workstation, the operator can complete the work outside the welding station Work, workers health is well protected.

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