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D256 High Manganese Steel Surfacing Electrode Model:EDMn-A-16

- Apr 04, 2018-

D256 High manganese steel surfacing electrode Model:EDMn-A-16

Description: High-manganese steel surfacing welding electrode, (at no-load voltage when AC welding is not less than 70V), when surfacing welding should use small current, narrow-track welding, hammering or water immediately when the red hot, in order to reduce the tendency of cracks. The surfacing metal is austenitic, high-manganese steel, which is characterized by work hardening, high toughness, and wear resistance.

Uses: Used for surfacing of various wear parts such as crushers, high manganese steel rails, buckets, bulldozers, etc.

Deposited metal chemical composition /%

C ≤ 1.1 Si ≤ 1.3 Mn 11-16 Other ≤ 5

Hardfacing hardness HRC: HB ≥ 170

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