D266 High Manganese Steel Surfacing Electrode Model:EDMn-B-16

- Apr 05, 2018 -

D266 High manganese steel surfacing electrode Model:EDMn-B-16

Note: High-manganese steel surfacing welding electrodes (with no load voltage below 70V during AC welding) differs from D256 in that molybdenum is added to the weld metal to improve crack resistance and wear resistance. It is advisable to use a small current, narrow track welding, and hammering or water immediately after the red heat is applied to reduce the cracking tendency. The surfacing metal is austenitic, high-manganese steel, which is characterized by work hardening, high toughness, and wear resistance.

Uses: Used for surfacing of various wear parts such as crushers, high manganese steel rails, buckets, bulldozers, etc.

Deposited metal chemical composition:

C ≤ 1.1 Si 0.3-1.3 Mn 11-18 Mo ≤ 2.5 Other ≤ 1

Hardfacing hardness HRC: HB ≥ 170

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