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Arc Welding Robot Performance Requirements

- Apr 12, 2018-

Arc Welding Robot Performance Requirements

In the arc welding operation, the welding torch is required to track the workpiece weld bead movement and continuously fill the metal to form the weld seam. Therefore, the speed stability and the track accuracy during the movement are two important indicators.

Under normal circumstances, the welding speed may be 5 to 50 mm/s, and the track accuracy may be ±0·2 to 0·5 mm. Since the attitude of the welding torch also has a certain influence on the quality of the weld, it is hoped that while the weld bead is being rooted, the adjustable range of the torch attitude is as large as possible, and there are other performance requirements, such as the swing function, welding sensor (start point detection, Weld seam tracking interface function, gun anti-collision function.

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