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Modern Development Of Welding

- Aug 30, 2017-

Ancient welding technology long stay in the cast welding, forging welding, brazing and riveting level, the use of heat sources are fire, low temperature, energy concentration, can not be used for large sections, long weld workpiece welding, can only be used to make decorations, simple tools, living utensils and weapons.

At the beginning of 19th century, the British Davis discovered that the arc and the oxygen acetylene flame are two kinds of high-temperature heat sources which can partially melt the metal; 1885-1887 years later, the Russian Vienaldos invented the carbon electrode arc electrode, and in 1900 there was an aluminum heat welding. At the beginning of 20th century, carbon electrode arc welding and gas welding has been applied, but also appeared the thin drug-skin electrode arc welding, arc relatively stable, welding molten pool is protected by slag, welding quality is improved, so that manual arc welding into the practical stage, arc welding from the 20 's become an important welding method. Also becomes the modern welding craft development beginning. During this period, the United States noble the use of Arc voltage to control the electrode to speed, made of automatic arc welder, thus becoming the beginning of welding mechanization, automation. 1930 American Rabinoff invented the use of wire and flux of submerged arc welding, welding mechanization has been further developed. In the 40 's, tungsten pole and inert gas arc welding were introduced in order to meet the need of welding aluminum, magnesium alloy and alloy steel.

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