The Evolution Process Of Welding

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Welding technology is with the copper and iron, such as metal smelting production, the use of various heat sources to appear. The ancient welding method is mainly cast welding, brazing, forging welding, riveting welding. Before the 2500 BC and Indus civilization to the copper and iron metal hot processing and cold processing has reached a higher level, can use forged welding, casting welding and other welding methods to manufacture metal utensils, and engraved with text. At this time the representative culture is Xalapa culture.

The iron-edged copper Yue, which is made by Chinese merchants, is a cast-welding piece of iron and copper, and the fusion line of copper and iron on its surface is tortuous and well jointed. During the spring and Autumn period, there are many Panlong in the building of the bronze drum in the tomb of the second time, which is made up of segmented brazing. After analysis, the use of modern soft solder ingredients similar. During the Warring States Period, the sword is made of steel and the blade is wrought iron, which is usually formed by heating and forging. According to the Ming Dynasty Song, "Heavenly Creations" a book Records: In Ancient China, copper and iron together into the furnace heating, forged by forging knives, axes, with yellow mud or sieve fine Chenjubitu sprinkle on the interface, segmented forge welding large anchors. In the Middle Ages, forged welding weapons were used in Damascus, Syria.

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