TN65 1 62~66 Is Mainly Used For The Maintenance And Repair Of The Hammer Of The Crusher In Medium And High Temperature Conditions

- May 25, 2018 -

TN65 1 62~66 is mainly used for the maintenance and repair of the hammer of the crusher in medium and high temperature conditions. The wear resistance of the TN65 1 62~66 is better than that of the tungsten carbide electrode and the high temperature wear resistance is excellent. Fan repair welding material (Material type: 1. Welding rod; 2. CO2 gas shielded flux cored wire Ф 1.6) Brand type Hardness (HRC) Performance and main purpose Remarks DH-55F 2 52 ~ 57 Mainly used in the manufacture of new fan Pre-protection surfacing is also commonly used for surfacing repairs of various types of worn parts at room temperature. Field testing for wind maneuver balance

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