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ZD5 2 48~52 Is Used For New Manufacture Of Crusher Hammers And Hammer Discs And On-site Surfacing Repair Of Old Parts

- May 24, 2018-

ZD5 2 48~52 is used for new manufacture of crusher hammers and hammer discs and on-site surfacing repair of old parts. The surfacing welding layer has excellent crack resistance. ZD310 1,2 57~62 is mainly used for the maintenance and repair of the hammer of the crusher in medium and high temperature conditions, and its high temperature wear resistance is excellent.

Previous: TN65 1 62~66 Is Mainly Used For The Maintenance And Repair Of The Hammer Of The Crusher In Medium And High Temperature Conditions Next: TM55 1 55~59 Wear-resistant Welding Rod Is Mainly Used For The Welding Repair Of The Severely Worn Parts Of The Crusher's Hammer Head

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