Welding Innovation Platform 2018 Outlook Seminar Held in Beijing

- Feb 28, 2018 -

Welding Innovation Platform 2018 Outlook Seminar Held in Beijing

Spring is approaching, "Welding Innovation Platform 2018 Outlook Seminar" on February 3 in the north

Beijing held.

Attend the meeting are: China Mechanical Engineering Society executive vice president Zhang Yanmin researcher;

Welding Society Vice Chairman: Professor Feng Jicai, Harbin Institute of Technology, China Steel Research Group Tian Zhi

Ling Professor; Welding Society vice chairman and secretary general Wang Lin book; Welding Society Deputy Secretary

Length: Professor Li Xiaoyan from Beijing University of Technology, Associate Professor Sun Zhenguo from Tsinghua University;

Affairs: Professor Du Dong, Tsinghua University, Institute of Mechanical Science and Qiao Pei new researcher, Beijing

Aviation Manufacturing Engineering Institute Gong Shui-li researcher; Welding Society Director: Beijing Petrochemical Engineering

Institute Professor Xiangdong Xiang, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials Xiong Huaping researcher, University of Science and Technology Beijing

Following China professor.

Previous: Silver solder includes: (silver electrode, silver wire, silver solder, silver solder ring, silver solder powder flux) Next: China Welding Society Youth Committee work and academic exchange will be held December 9, 2017 in Shanghai Jianguo Hotel.

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