Classification, Chemical Composition And Use Of Surfacing Welding Wear Wire

- Apr 22, 2018 -

Classification, chemical composition and use of surfacing welding wear wire

Wear-resistant welding wire features; good wear resistance, impact wear, resistance to adhesive wear (intermetallic wear), high temperature wear, corrosion resistance and resistance to more than two types of composite wear.


  Surfacing welding wire wear classification;

1, according to the classification of its chemical composition can be divided into two categories; namely iron-based surfacing wear-resistant welding wire and non-ferrous surfacing wear-resistant welding wire.


2. Each major category can be divided into subcategories according to its chemical composition or microstructure. Such as iron-based surfacing wear-resistant welding wire can be divided into high-chromium alloy surfacing wear-resistant welding wire, tungsten carbide surfacing wear-resistant welding wire, etc.

, Non-ferrous surfacing wear-resistant welding wire can be divided into cobalt-based surfacing wear-resistant welding wire and nickel-based surfacing wear-resistant welding wire.


3, according to the wire structure, can be divided into solid wire and core (also known as tubular) wire.


  4, according to the welding process used, can be divided into gas shielded welding, submerged arc welding, flame surfacing, plasma surfacing and spraying (welding) surfacing wear-resistant welding wire.

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