The Role Of Trace Metal Elements In Steel

- Apr 17, 2018 -

The role of trace metal elements in steel:

1. Phosphorus (P): Produces cold brittleness and reduces the impact toughness of steel; but it can improve the cutting performance of steel.

2. Silicon (Si): It can increase the strength, elasticity, heat resistance, acid resistance and resistivity of steel. The deoxidizer in smelting can increase the overheating and decarburization sensitivity of the steel.

3, manganese (Mm): can improve the strength and hardness of steel and wear resistance. Deoxidizer and desulfurizer at the time of smelting.

4, chromium (Cr): can increase the mechanical properties of steel and wear resistance, can increase the degree of steel quenching and quenching after deformation. At the same time, it can increase the hardness, elasticity, anti-magnetism and anti-strength of steel and increase the resistance of steel.

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