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EDM cold welding wire

- May 12, 2018-

EDM cold welding wire


Electric spark discharge coating cold welding machine dedicated welding wire, used in surfacing welding or welding at room temperature, one second after welding is characterized by the wire temperature does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, continuous welding is not super high 80 degrees Celsius. Mainly used for the repair of some thermostable parts. During welding repair, the temperature is generally controlled at 40 degrees Celsius, the wall thickness is 0.4-0.5 mm, and ** is not higher than 100 degrees Celsius.


When the welding wire is repaired, the heat affected zone is very small and no internal stress is generated. It is very suitable for casting defects, parts surface damage, wear, mold defects repair. Why is the temperature of the welding wire so low, because the welding wire is in a state of micro-melting when it melts, and when it comes into contact with the workpiece, a small part of the workpiece is quickly formed by external force to move the workpiece up. Since the melting is less, the workpiece is much larger. The temperature soon dissipated. The temperature of the welding wire will not continue to rise until it is full of redness, and its resistance to red is superior. Compared with ordinary welding wire, if the duration is too long, there will be a serious redness of the welding wire and a blackening phenomenon of the welding spot. Even if it can be welded, when welding, it is prone to oxidation, dregs, welding is not high, and affect its subsequent processing.

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