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Welding slag category

- May 12, 2018-

Welding slag category


The composition of the flux determines the welding workability of the welding consumables and the mechanical properties of the filler metal. If the acidity of the filler composition is predominant, acidic welding slag will be produced after welding, and the same alkaline (calcareous) flux will produce alkaline welding. Slag. The acidic system of welding consumables is very good. During the welding process, the arc is smooth and stable. The shape is similar to the jet arc, and the amount of spatter is small. The operation is widely favored by the welding staff. The mechanical properties of the filler metal are ordinary but can meet the requirements of the AWS specification.


The flux as an alkaline system consumable can achieve very good ductility and toughness in the filler metal, but the workability is far worse than that of the acid system. The transition of the droplets is mostly ball-drop transition and more splashes.


In recent years, the development of flux systems for low-alloy steel welding consumables combines the workability of acidic systems with the excellent mechanical properties of alkaline systems.

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